Digital Veterinary ECG 6 leads

Digital veterinary ECG 6 leads

Digital Veterinary ECG that connects to your smart device.

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Product overview

Portable digital ECG allowing you to eliminate cable and store electrocardiograms on your smart devices. Being portable you can take electrocardiograms anywhere you are.

Portable Veterinary ECG


Battery powered, allowing you total freedom to use it anywhere with a seamless bluetooth connection

Paperless Veterinary ECG


Live streaming to visualize the ECG on your smart device

With the digital ECG you will be able to monitor your patient

Monitoring evolution

Storing electrocardiograms on your smart devices or in the patient history file to compare evolution

You can share the electrocardiogram as a PDF file.

Share as a PDF

Allowing fast sharing of an electrocardiogram PDF in seconds, for a second opinion


eKuore Digital ECG 6 leads, take measurements of cardiac activity through “eKuore Vet” APP and store your electrocardiograms in your patient history file.

Wireless Veterinary ECG


Take measurements anywhere connecting via Bluetooth, the digital ECG. You will only need to place 3 clamps / electrodes reducing stress on the patient

Real-time recording with ECG

Real-time recording

Stream in real time to your smart device, record, share and safely store test results on the patient history file

Digital monitoring with ekuore Vet ECG

Digital monitoring

Digitally monitor cardiac activity allowing measurements to be taken for the required time interval through your smart device so you can use it as a heart monitor

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eKuore Vet App

eKuore Vet APP for all your eKuore Animal Health Devices.

You can store the test results on the APP and directly send them to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion or include it on the patient history file.

  • Recording and sharing electrocardiograms
  • Live electrocardiograms on your smart devices
  • Share the electrocardiograms as a PDF
eKuore Vet App for Android eKuore Vet App for IOS

Use cases

Technical info & documentation

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