eKuore Digital Veterinary Otoscope

Veterinary Otoscope

Digital veterinary otoscope that connects with your smart device

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Product overview

eKuore portable veterinary otoscope is highly precise for a very safe procedure that can provide us with a tremendous amount of information.

Detailed visualization with veterinary otoscope

Detailed visualization

Allows to see and clean behind a ruptured eardrum, remove fluid, or retrieve foreign objects from the ear canal

Wireless Veterinary Otoscope

Wireless examination

Easily connected, allows you to conduct a veterinary otoscopy through your smart device

High-definition image with vet otoscope

High-definition image

Assisting your diagnosis with a great quality image

Store and share in real time the veterinary otoscopy

Store and share in real time

Live Stream the veterinary otoscopy and store it to the patient history file


eKuore digital veterinary otoscope allows clear visualization of the entire ear canal and eardrum to see if there are any masses, swellings, abnormalities or buildup.

Another main benefit of the vet otoscope is the magnified view that is wirelessly projected onto the smart device. Our clients can now see exactly what the doctor is seeing. Images can be stored on your patient history file, allowing you to fully monitor their progress.

With Vet Otoscope you obtain a great image quality

High definition

Great image quality and x500 zoom

Portable and Wireless Veterinary Otoscope

Portable and wireless

Without the needs for wires allows you to perform otoscopies anywhere

The vet otoscope includes adjustable LED lights.

Adjustable LED Lights

For greater precision, it incorporates 6 LED lights, with adjustable intensity

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eKuore Vet App

eKuore Vet APP for all your eKuore Animal Health Devices.

You can store the test results on the APP and directly send them to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion or include it on the patient history file.

  • Live streaming
  • Take pictures
  • Store and share
Android IOS

Use cases

Technical info & documentation

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