eKuore advances more in the telemedicine field

eKuore has strengthened its presence in the Telemedicine field, after achieving an agreement with SensiCardiac. eKuore and SensiCardiac will jointly work on an mHealth project. SensiCardiac is a South African company that specialises in auscultation. SensiCardiac can save, send, and analyse heart sounds. It achieves this through its diagnostic algorithm, developed by them, that interprets the sound and determines whether there is a murmur in a patient. Process The electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro, will be used to collect the sounds of the patients’ hearts that will be sent through the eKuore APP. electronic stethoscope ekuore pro-sensicardiac Once the auscultation recording is made and sent, SensiCardiac analyses the sounds with it’s algorithm and determines if there is a murmur present. The algorithm was trained on the largest heart sound database in the world, and can determine if a murmur is normal (physiological) or abnormal (pathological). panel de control sensicardiac

What does Sensicardiac allow you to do?

  • To instantly detect and classify the murmur, either as a dangerous pathological murmur (Class I) or innocent physiological murmur (Class III).
  • Visualize the heart sounds.
  • Allows you to obtain an immediate second opinion.
  • Access to a database of your recorded heart sounds.
  • In addition it allows you to save, send and export a report, which can be used for follow-up visits from a patient.
Sensicardiac App Benefits Clinical validation showed that through the use of SensiCardiac unnecessary referrals to a cardiologist are reduced by more than 60%. Other projects of Sensicardiac SensiCardiac is involved in various clinical and research studies in Africa and the United States. This includes work on monitoring fetal heart rates using electronic stethoscopes, determining simpler methods to diagnose rheumatic heart disease, and helping various primary care professionals improve the way that they diagnose heart defects. Their clients include retail clinics, private practices and telemedicine integrators in both Africa and the USA. Logo sensicardiac