eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope

eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope

eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope helps you maintaining safety distance during COVID-19 pandemic

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Product overview

eKuore Medical Devices since the company´s foundation in 2012, pioneering in medical technology, develops and designs the first digital stethoscope with smart devices connectivity.

Remote auscultation with electronic stethoscope

Remote auscultation

Beneficial during pandemics, providing a complete isolation between doctors and potentially infected patients.

With eKuore Digital Stethoscope you can record and share the auscultation

Record and share

Wirelessly connected to your smart device you can save auscultations to the patient history file and share them for a second opinion

The Digital Stethoscope includes replaceable chest pieces

Replaceable chest pieces

Interchangeable chest for the digital stethoscope pieces for hygienic purposes and paediatric and adult auscultations.

Electronic Stethoscope can increase auscutation volumen

Increased auscultation volume and sound quality

5 volume levels to improve your electronic stethoscope auscultation.

We also have an Amplified digital Stethoscope for health professionals with hearing loss
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eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope allows you to listen remotely through our APP on your Smart device and use different interchangeable chest pieces to avoid the risk of infection. It is also extremely useful to monitor chronic patients by keeping auscultation records on the patient history file.

Heart and lung listening filters Heart and lung listening filters

Apply different listening filters directly on your digital stethoscope with a simple click

Wireless Digital Stethoscope Wirelessly save & share records through the APP

to monitor patient evolution

Wifi secure with our electronic stethoscope WiFi secure wireless connection

Easy and safe connection to avoid information lost

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eKuore Pro APP

eKuore Pro APP for human health, store results to the patient history file, or directly share them with a colleague to get an immediate second opinion.

  • Live streaming
  • Display the phonogram on your smart device
  • Store and share
  • Group listening for educational porpoises via Bluetooth speaker
Android IOS
We also have an Electronic Stethoscope, education & training Kit to share auscultations with students
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Use cases

Technical info & documentation

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