eKuore Pro Teaching Stethoscope

eKuore Pro Teaching Stethoscope

eKuore Pro teaching stethoscope, education, and training kit, improves the learning process by allowing interactive auscultations.

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Product overview

eKuore Pro teaching stethoscope, education, and training kit, improves the learning process by permitting an interactive auscultation and group listening up to 6 people.

Help your medicine students with the teaching stethoscope

Record, listen and share auscultation

Help your students by sharing the sound of different pathologies, enabling phonograms for each one

Auscultation databse with your teaching stethoscope

Create your own auscultations database

The electronic stethoscope, education and training kit allows to create an auscultation database for different pathologies

Continue learning with eKuore Kit teaching stethoscope

Remote auscultation

Enabling virtual classrooms to continue learning, providing remote interaction between clinical educators and students

Teaching Stethoscope includes interchangeable chest pieces

Replaceable chest pieces

Interchangeable chest pieces for hygienic purposes and paediatric and adult auscultations

We also have an Electronic Stethoscope eKuore Pro for health professionals

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eKuore Pro electronic education and training kit, allowing you to listen remotely through our APP on your Smart device and use different interchangeable chest pieces for paediatric and adult’s usage. Keeping auscultation records for educational purposes

Students can access to auscultation sounds Virtual classroom

Students can access and listen to pathology auscultations, uploaded by the clinical educator to the virtual platform and listen to it as many times as required to improve academic performance

Hospital training with your teaching stethoscope Hospital training

Access to real patient recordings to improve understanding and group listening up to 6 people

The teaching stethoscope provides access to a pathologic sound database Educators in the classroom

The stethoscope education and training kit provides access to a pathologic sound database, allowing clinical educators to display the phonogram of each pathology and students to listen as many times as required

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eKuore Pro APP

eKuore Pro APP for human health, store results to the patient history file, or directly share them with a colleague to get an immediate second opinion.

  • Live streaming
  • Display the phonogram on your smart device
  • Store and share
  • Group listening for educational purposes via Bluetooth speaker
Android IOS

Use cases

Technical info & documentation

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