eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope

eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope

Listen crystal clear, record and share

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Product overview

eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope II is an electronic stethoscope for animal health that improves the audio quality by digitally reducing ambient noise.

WiFi connectivity and compatible with Android and iOS devices. Assisted auscultation filtering Lungs or Heart sounds and recording directly from the stethoscope.

Smartphone connection with veterinary stethoscope

Smartphone connection

Wirelessly connects to your smart devices (tablet, smartphones, wireless speakers or hearing aids)

Interchangeable chest pieces

Interchangeable chest pieces

Easily change for small, medium, and large animals

You can connect the veterinary stethoscope with eKuore Vet APP

eKuore Vet APP

Follow the patient evolution by storing recordings on our mobile APP

With vet stethoscope you can record and share in real time

Record and share in real time

Recording the auscultation, to visualize it and share it, with our veterinary stethoscope through eKuore vet APP

Features of ekuore veterinary stethoscope

eKuore Vet Stethoscope II, the updated version of the first veterinary stethoscope ekuore developed in 2012.

Using an electronic stethoscope for animal health is a good decision as they are capable of amplifying the sound up to 10 dB.

5 sound levels with your vet stethoscope

eKuore vet stethoscope II allows you to choose between 5 sound levels to help determinate a patient condition easily

Heart and lung filters with your vet stethoscope

Change filters between heart and lung sounds, to better help diagnostics

Reduce ambient noise

The digital ambient noise reduction of the eKuore Vet II, is also an essential feature in noisy or loud natural environments

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eKuore Vet App

eKuore Vet APP for all your eKuore Animal Health Devices.

You can store the test results on the APP and directly send them to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion or include it on the patient history file.

  • Recording and sharing auscultation
  • Live phonogram on your smart devices
  • Remote control the device through the APP
  • Live streaming to an external speaker for training purposes
Android IOS

Use cases

Technical info & documentation

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